Oakland seismic rebate program

by David.

The City of Oakland has an established retrofit incentive that enables homeowners to pay a flat permit fee of $250 for doing voluntary seismic work. The very active Hayward fault runs through Oakland and the vast majority of Oakland’s residential building stock was built before modern earthquake codes were adopted (and not many of them have been strengthened since). Therefore the city wanted to provide easier permitting for retrofits. They also noticed that many homeowners were avoiding the permit process altogether in doing their retrofits, creating more sub-par retrofits than weren’t being inspected. More info on Oakland’s permitting process can be found here.

For owner-occupied, low-income households, the City “provides matching grants… for the completion of seismic retrofit repairs.” This is a matching grant of up to $5,000 for completing the work. Applications can be found here.

See article on Berkeley’s seismic rebate program or the FAQ on retrofits for more info on retrofits.