Meet David

Ever since I was a young kid playing with legos, I have been fascinated by how things are put together. Growing up with a father who is a structural engineer, I imagine some of it rubbed off in my ultimate decision to study the same thing.

My fascination of the built environment extended to Green Building while in college. I was fascinated by the world of sustainable design that was growing in popularity. Though the structural applications are minimal on the smaller scale, I remain fascinated by sustainability as it relates to building.

I earned my BS in structural engineering from UC San Diego and have worked for a couple different structural engineering companies almost exclusively in the residential field. After a couple years of design work, I began to feel disconnected from the construction part of each project. I decided to spend some time working construction building projects that I was designing so that I could get an idea of how buildings actually got put together. Working in the field has helped me to design more easily constructible buildings.

I began my own practice in 2009 with the desire to work more directly with people on their homes to create the most build-able and efficient design possible.